Powersprint®- strength, technique and speed
Strength training for sprint speed with specific motion patterns.

Powersprint - explosive maximum- and speed strength training. Sprint specific strength exercises for speed.

Updated web page. Free to download the E-Book "Strength Speed", option: 1. Selection of Sprint- and Long Jump Techniques pages: Speed, sprint technique. Pages from the book Strength Speed, Jan Melen.pdf. 2. The entire E-book. Now updated again (Okt 2017): Strength Speed (E-book 2017).pdf. It describes the sprint- and long jump technology, but also scientific basic facts as well as training principles with examples of programs. The book including the manual of the Powersprint machine and appendices showing all new specific sprint exercises as well as eccentric exercises for more power and for injury prevention. Note here how many ways - also with basics exercises - you can use the Powersprint. This short pdf illustrates just the exercises and: The principle of the new Powersprint machine.pdf. The printed black and white book: Strength Speed (Order: www.amazon)
Power Sprint is also EMG-tested in comparison with conventional strength exercises. Note at page 80 the huge activity from the hip extensors semitendinosus and adductor magnus. Important muscles needed for the crucial horizontal force of sprint speed. Read the link lower on the page: "Interesting research" on the importance of the horizontal force. Powersprint now also with improved design, provides still better sprint- /jump performance for athletes and also some general fitness from the upper body activity. The images at the bottom of the page shows the use of the newly manufactered powerprint machine.

The pictures shows here powersprint training with lighter weights for speed strength.

Focus - "explosive" force and power
Schematic drawings. Max speed sprint with Power Sprint machine in comparison with real max speed sprint, Biomechanically analyzed. Line drawing (author) and processed diagram and data (Ralph Mann). With only 32 kg weights load the author (at body weight 67 kg) measured 120kg vertical pressure at Isometric stance in front support phase. It would be easy for an strong elite sprinter to come up to the average 165kg (see diagram) with Powersprint machine.

Powersprint offers now a new EMG-tested way to specifically train "explosive" maximum- and speed strength. Powersprint can contribute to excellent results for both the elite and youth sprinters but can also be particularly suited for masters. The training is similar to sprint running with resistance, but occurs in a weight-loaded leverage device in which also upright maximum phase sprint with very heavy weights can be used. This for development of explosive maximum strength with focus of horisontel forces produced by the specific muscles for this end. In the text you see this fact in an EMG-test. Perhaps you then ask yourself: Shouldn't Olympic lifting, which so far has been the most widely used form of exercise, be largely complemented by such a specific one leg exercise close to sprinter technology? This EMG-test also suggests that Sprint Power is a excellent all-round training tool for the specific strength for sprint speed. This is reported in the book at page. 80-81). Note also that Powersprint could be preventing Hamstrings ruptures (see pages 60 and 79)

In order to justify the use of a powersprint, study the section sprinter technique in the book "Strength speed" - now the illustrations are more developed to the better I hope. Illustrations which specifically shows Pelvis posture and sprint mechanics analysis. The downloadable E-book have also some of the illustrations in color . 45, 47, 50, 54 but in particular 59, 59 where with text and pictures different sprint models are described and how these could be trained with Powersprint. Note: Now, even the quadriceps dominant model could be trained. Pages 60 and 79 shows the exercise "Powersprint One leg RDL" Excentrisk to stretch position, which really could be an alternative to prevent hamstrings muscles ruptures. With film clips examples of such exercises are shown here using Power Sprint, which thus means realistic weight loaded sprint motion in a specially constructed leverage device. This can be loaded with both lighter and very heavy weights. A new design also gives great general fitness: More activity from the trunk and upper body. When the motion is more as "armcurls" it gives greater load on the arms, upper back and shoulders.

Powersprint could develop:

  • Strength mainly in the hip extensors but also in the quadriceps, for better horizontal power generation for sprint speed (See the link "Interesting research" and sections about sprint technique in the book "Strength Speed" and / or PDF-file)
  • The sprint technique as well as the coordination of muscle groups on back of leg, from heel up to lumbar ("The posterier chain") together with some General fitness and Joy

Lisa Warfvinge, Swedish youth champion (age 16) Indoor SM 60m Outdoor 100m and long jump (5.96m). Here speed strength training, long jump take off.

Powersprint, weight lifting machine for strength, technique and speed.

The Book: "Strength Speed". Spiral-bound, black-and-white photo textReview
Order: www.amazon

Interesting research: http://bretcontreras.com/sprint-mechanics-world-class-athletes-new-insight-limits-human-locomotion/

Questions about Powersprint and ordering from swedish company: Strength Speed and Health. Price Alternative I: 48750 Swedish kronor (5978 US-dollar) including swedish tax but excluding shipping costs. Alternative II: 35000 Swedish kronor (4292 US-dollar) including swedish tax but excluding shipping costs. This alternative for just the machine, without platform and inclined box for different take-off modes and elevation levels. Manufacturing time after order and payment: 60 days. Questions about the product, ordering and how the money is deposited:

The former swedish sport teacher and "Master" in long jump, demonstrate his new manufactured Powersprintmachine with sprint technique very similary to real maximum speed running. Here without weights. Now just the weight of the machine at 20 kg. This typically as warming up or as for explosive speed strength.

RDL exercise for the hamstring's hip extension. With the powersprint machine, RDL can be used with less risk of damage and then also be practiced explosively with more speed, but also with heavier load for maximum basic strength. Perfect for a the careful "master" or youth, but also perfect for the elite.

Blockstart the upper image and the first two steps the lower.

The long jump take-off